Botox in a Bottle? How a New Cream Zapped My Wrinkles


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don’t know about you but when it comes to my skin and fine lines, the idea of Botox has crossed my mind a time or two. Although this age erasing technique is very popular, I just don’t feel comfortable with the idea of paying upwards of $800 to get a bacteria injected into the most sensitive parts of my face… Luckily for me, my dermatologist, Dr. Janae Benson, MD, recommended Rejeuvanesse. Rejeuvanesse is essentially a new anti-aging cream that acts like Botox in a bottle.

Why I tried Rejeuvanesse before Botox

Just after my 50th birthday, my daughter announced that she was getting married. Naturally I was overjoyed but instantly felt (and witnessed) the full severity of my age. I had already reached the point of shying away from pictures but vowed that I was going to start exploring options that would help me look my best on this special day.

I had 12 weeks before my daughter’s wedding so I needed to act fast. That is what led me to ask my dermatologist about anti-aging options. Not fond about the idea of Botox, we discussed anti-aging creams which led us to talking about Rejeuvanesse. According to Dr. Benson, Rejeuvanesse is recommended by 8 out of 10 dermatologists because it’s safer to use than Botox and takes effect quickly. She mentioned that this cream was able to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, which plump the areas where wrinkles occur, essentially filling in the lines.

Being generally skeptical of any ‘miracle’ beauty product, I decided that it was worth a try. Like most beauty creams, I applied this product in the morning underneath my makeup and at night before I went to bed. Within a couple of days I could start to see visible results and my eyes looked less tired. Six weeks into using the cream, my daughter and I were out cake shopping and she complemented me on how much younger I looked. By the time the 12th week came around, and it was my daughter’s big day, I felt so confident in my appearance that I was actually looking forward to taking the wedding pictures – which turned out great by the way! I am so thankful to have found this product. I recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their skin and reverse the signs of aging.


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Best wishes and keep healthy!

– Janice Jones


  1. I have been using Rejeuvanesse for 3 weeks now and I seriously look 5 yrs younger! Not quite as good as this mom, but I’m working on it. My crows feet are melting away more and more every day. Thank you so much for reporting on this!

  2. Yes this stuff is amazing! My best friend Gina uses this, I’ve been trying for years to get rid of my wrinkles and nothing was helping. You alerted me to the possibility of achieving my goals, which is looking great for my own wedding actually. I just ordered this skin cream and I have a very good feeling about it!!

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