Bed Bugs Epidemic Sweeps the Nation



Sharon investigates the new bed bugs epidemic in United States.
Sharon shares insight into the new bed bugs epidemic in United States.

By Sharon Lewis

[dropcap background=”” color=”” circle=”0″ size=”1″]B[/dropcap]ed bugs seemed like a mythical insect when I was growing up; they were part of a fairy tale. I would have never imagined how traumatizing these insects could be until I was exposed to them myself. I am originally from California but traveled a bit and fell in love with the Mid-Western part of the country.

My husband and I decided to make the move. Let me tell you, it was a dream. You get to see the seasons change, and the region has several pockets of nature that I love. In short, it was exactly what I thought it was going to be, but something spoiled our move. After a few weeks, I noticed a few strange bugs in our house.

Discovering the Bed Bugs

My husband was able to kill the first bed bug we encountered. We did not know what the bug was nor did we investigate any further. There were a lot of new bugs in the area, and we just thought it was just a rogue bug that got into our home.

A few days later, my husband and I woke up with a few bites we had not encountered before. These were small bites that swelled up a little, and they were in a line. The bites were itchy, though my husband said his bites did not itch. My husband found a few possibilities online but only one matched the bug that he killed a few days earlier, which was a bed bug.

We checked the creases of our bed and postponed buying furniture because we were scared. Trust me, it felt I was living with little vampires who were just waiting for me to fall asleep.

Accepting the Epidemic

I did want to move, but the problem was that we were a bit careless with our funds, so we could not move out immediately. I should of known something was up. The lease stated that we would have to pay for any pest services. I started to do some research, and it seems a lot of people have been dealing with these little critters.

My husband did a little research on his own and found that bed bugs have been invading the United States. Everything from small hotels to 5-star hotels have been affected, not to mention theaters and clothing stores. Apparently, bed bug infestations have risen about 500% in the last few years and most people don’t even know they have them.

What are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are tiny insects that rely on the blood of humans or animals to survive. As babies, they are as tiny as pinheads. A full-grown adult that’s been making a nightly meal of you can balloon to the size of Lincoln’s head on the penny. These little parasites are nocturnal and hate light, so they wait until the dark to creep out for their meals, which is why it can take so long to discover you’ve been sharing your home with them. New studies have even shown that they can carry and transfer dangerous diseases to their human hosts. This danger is even greater for women over 55 years of age because of their susceptibility to the diseases they carry such as the deadly Chagas disease as well as MRSA, Malaria, Lyme Disease and other illnesses and diseases through their bites and feces according to a recently published Newsweek report which you can read here.

Here’s a video from the news I found:


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Early Attempts at Dealing with the Issue

We felt trapped. The idea of moving into a new place made us think that the issue would be there, too. We also wondered how we could make sure that a bed bug did not attach itself to our clothes or belongings when we left. We decided to try to fight these things off because bed bugs were not going to kick us out on the street.

My husband started with some information we found online, like using petroleum jelly at the base of the bed so they could not crawl up and bite us. I am not sure if it stopped any because we saw one fall from the ceiling right onto the bed.

Another thing we tried was diatomaceous earth. This was a powder made from fossilized remains of diatoms, which are hard-shelled organisms. These hard-shelled organisms are sharp enough to kill the bed bugs. It seemed like a good idea, but those little critters were still around. Needless to say, we were getting very frustrated, but we still did not want to call an expensive exterminator.

Bedroom Guardian, the Product That Did the Trick

I did my own research because my husband’s ideas were simply not working out. I looked at a few reviews from Yelp and Amazon that were pointing me towards a product called Bedroom Guardian. I even read that it was the preferred product for Smart Style Living. It is a little device that is meant to prevent bed bugs from crawling up and feeding on you while you sleep.

I was a bit skeptical about it, but the Better Business Bureau gave it a seal of approval. Plus, it was a lot cheaper than the stuff my husband had tried. It was cheap because I was lucky enough to find them when the manufacturer of the Bedroom Guardian was offering a Free Trial. Yes, I did have to pay the shipping fee, though that really only ended up being $9.95.

Bedroom Guardian Official Site

The company did say that the product was odorless, which did worry me a little since my husband is allergic to all kinds of things. I am happy to report that he did not suffer any allergies, and it was odorless as promised.

It took a whole 4 days for the product to arrive after purchasing and receiving my order notification. I could not wait to try it for a few reasons. I was really hoping that the solution I chose worked, and I was scared of getting more bites. Some of the bites I got turned into scars, and the scars were not going away.

The instructions said all we had to do was put the device on the floor right by our bed or in between the mattress. We had not slept well since moving into this apartment, but we were able to sleep the whole night through after installing the device. We slept peacefully because we did not wake up and find bugs crawling on us.

A few weeks passed, and we continued to have the same results. We stopped seeing them crawl around, and the bites stopped. We did eventually move from that location, but we made sure we purchased a new Bedroom Guardian before we left just in case we encountered the issue again.

I was so glad I found this product because it really did the trick. Sure, there are some studies proving its effectiveness, but I do not care about that too much because I saw Bedroom Guardian’s results up and close.


How Do I Get Bedroom Guardian?

Limited Time Offer FREE Trial While Supplies Last

For a limited time only through their online exclusive offer, Bedroom Guardian is allowing customers to try the product for FREE (just pay $9.95 for shipping)! They want to prove to you that it works. With Bedroom Guardian you’ll be on your way to sleeping soundly with total peace of mind!

Yes, I would like to get a free trial of Bedroom Guardian to protect my family from bed bugs or kill bed bugs and their eggs now!

NOTE: This free trial promotion ends on Oct 7, 2016




The Official Bedroom Guardian website



  1. This really could not have come at a better time. Two families on my block just spent hundreds (if not thousands) in trying to exterminate bed bugs from their homes. I looked into other products to prevent bed bugs but they all seem very complicated and not as safe to use. I didn’t want something that my kids or dogs could get into. Glad I found this stuff!

  2. I first found out about the Bed Bug epidemic watching a special on Dr. Oz, and since then I have been terrified that these disgusting bugs would find a way into my families home. After a bit of research I discovered Bedroom Guardian and quickly ordered one for each bed in our home. I have never seen a bed bug in my home, and I feel much more comfortable going to sleep at night knowing I am not sharing my bed with these pests!

  3. Thank goodness for this stuff. I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many nights I have laid in bed itching constantly. Never in my life had I thought the issue was caused by bed bugs. I have been using Bedroom Guardian for 6 months now and everything is back to normal… My sleep has improved greatly and I also feel much more comfortable now

  4. Oh no! You don’t want to use those because they are not safe and are chemicals. They will do more harm than good and if you have kids or pets, they will suffer. I read about the spray and some other dust stuff that kills bed bugs and they are terrible for you. This stuff works, I can say that much and it’s safe. They have a free trial, you just pay for shipping

  5. Thank you for the feedback, I’m just trying to spread the word because the cold weather is coming soon and bed bugs try to look for warmth. The thing that many people I have talked to don’t understand is that they don’t just burrow in beds but they get on couches, airplanes, restaurants, movie theaters and even your pets! They are very good at getting around and spreading so my aim was to help stop the spread because they are absolutely repulsive…

    Keep the good comments and good vibes coming guys you rock!!

  6. Great article. I use Bedroom Guardian all the time because I buy a lot of second hand furniture. It’s cheap and effective so I figure it’s worth it. I didn’t know they were doing a free trial, thank you for the info!