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Sharon investigates the new bed bugs epidemic in United States.
Sharon shares insight into the new bed bugs epidemic in United States.

By Sharon Lewis

They feed on your blood and that is why you often find yourself with bite marks upon arising. Nope, they’re not vampires, but bed bugs! Those creepy crawlers should be taken seriously because they can invade your entire home in no time and even spread disease. Even professional exterminators have a hard time eliminating these critters because of how well they can hide and burrow and most of the time, their chemicals can’t reach the eggs.

Hiring the pros doesn’t come cheap so if you want alternative methods for removing bed bugs from your home, I’m here to help with what I have tried for my case of bed bugs.

But first, let us take a quick look at some of the telltale signs that there are bed bugs lurking in your home:

  • Tiny bit marks on your skin
  • Your linens have small brown or dark red spots
  • Pale yellow mattress which are actually skins that growing bed bugs shed off
  • Live bed bugs which you may see using a magnifying glass

It can be challenging to determine if bed bugs are present most especially if there’s a low-level infestation. However, upon confirming their presence, it is a very good idea to spring into action right away to keep the problem from getting out of control, causing you to spend lots of money with professional extermination. In fact, the incidence of bed bug infestation has risen 500% in the last few years alone, making bed bugs the number one pest in the US, and they’re not just in dirty hotels – they’re at the 5-star ones as well and swarming the public places you visit every day. Bed bugs are shutting down businesses and being found at your local movie theaters and clothing stores as they inch closer and closer to your home…

Here are some of the best ways to get rid of those bed bugs on your own:

  1. Minimize the places in which bed bugs may nest. Use caulk which you may easily buy at a home improvement store to cover cracks on the walls and floor. It’s also a good idea to eliminate clutter in the room.
  2. Sprinkle baking soda on potential hiding places. If you are itching to get rid of them and caulk is not available, count on baking soda. Placing a lot of it in their nests is an effective way to kill many of those pesky insects but will not eliminate their eggs, which can be burrowed deep and hidden away.
  3. Drench them in rubbing alcohol. Rather than buy one of those costly and toxic bed bug sprays, opt for rubbing alcohol instead. Arm yourself with a magnifying glass and flashlight, and douse those in sight in rubbing alcohol. This will help to some extent but will not kill the vast majority of the ones hiding or their eggs.
  4. Pick them up with duct tape. Consider yourself lucky if you are able to spot a bunch of these creepy crawlers on a flat surface. Use a strip of duct tape to pick them up. Seal used duct tape in a plastic bag and throw it out.
  5. Apply lavender essential oil on areas where they may be hiding. Bed bugs hate the smell of lavender. Aside from the essential oil, you may also sprinkle some fresh lavender flower and leaves on trouble spots. This may help a little but will also, not kill them or their eggs.
  6. Drive them away with mint leaves. The smell of mint leaves is another thing that bed bugs hate. That’s why it’s a good idea to place crushed mint leaves where it matters – on the box spring, tight corners of the couch, etc. This will only drive them to other locations in your home. They can hide in walls, electrical outlets and in ceilings to name a few places – not just beds.
  7. Suck them out of your home with a vacuum cleaner. Go through corners and hard-to-reach places to suck out bed bugs and their eggs. Afterwards, seal the vacuum bag in a plastic bag and dispose of it properly. Again, this is only a quick and temporary fix and will not reach the eggs – which hatch quickly.
  8. Exterminate them with your steam cleaner. Since bed bugs cannot stand high temperatures, you may use your steam cleaner to kill them off while they’re in their potential hiding places. This will kill many of them but studies have shown that the steam can’t reach the eggs that are often deep within your mattress, walls, floors, furniture and ceilings.
  9. Rely on your hair dryer. Don’t have a steam cleaner? Relax. All you have to do is arm yourself with your trusted hair dryer. Place it on the highest possible setting and let the hunt for bed bugs begin. This can help short-term but is a hard task to actually kill the bed bugs since the heat may not be hot enough compared to a steam cleaner.
  10. Wash your linens, blankets, curtains, couches, etc. in hot water. Also, you might want to dry them using the highest possible setting. Once dry, seal them in plastic bags as you proceed with eliminating bed bugs in your home. Obviously this will not help with the bulk of the bed bugs infestation hiding in your furniture, bed and in the walls.
  11. Place various items under the scorching heat of the sun. It’s also a great idea to let nature do the hard work for you – by leaving your couch, pieces of furniture, mattress in the sun right in the middle of the day. This can be difficult and the temperature has proven to not be hot enough to kill the bed bugs but may help remove them from certain furniture.
  12. Cover your mattress and box springs in plastic for several days. This home remedy will trap bed bugs inside, causing them to starve to death. You may also do the same with small pieces of furniture. This helps but will also create a mess of dead bed bugs inside your mattress and furniture, which can create a new problem altogether.
  13. Bedroom Guardian, all natural, safe and non-toxic bed bug killer kit. The Bedroom Guardian kit is a bed bug killing kit of non-toxic, safe to use and natural ingredients that has been proven to kill bed bugs and their eggs. It’s one of the only things that actually works and has been recommended by Dr. Oz for many years.

It looks like they are having a limited time offer for a free trial for Bedroom Guardian so I suggest trying that out if you want quick and proven results.

If you are interested in Bedroom Guardian you can visit their site here: Official Bedroom Guardian Website




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  1. This really could not have come at a better time. Two families on my block just spent hundreds (if not thousands) in trying to exterminate bed bugs from their homes. I looked into other products to prevent bed bugs but they all seem very complicated and not as safe to use. I didn’t want something that my kids or dogs could get into. Glad I found this stuff!

  2. I first found out about the Bed Bug epidemic watching a special on Dr. Oz, and since then I have been terrified that these disgusting bugs would find a way into my families home. After a bit of research I discovered Bedroom Guardian and quickly ordered one for each bed in our home. I have never seen a bed bug in my home, and I feel much more comfortable going to sleep at night knowing I am not sharing my bed with these pests!

  3. Thank goodness for this stuff. I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many nights I have laid in bed itching constantly. Never in my life had I thought the issue was caused by bed bugs. I have been using Bedroom Guardian for 6 months now and everything is back to normal… My sleep has improved greatly and I also feel much more comfortable now

  4. Oh no! You don’t want to use those because they are not safe and are chemicals. They will do more harm than good and if you have kids or pets, they will suffer. I read about the spray and some other dust stuff that kills bed bugs and they are terrible for you. This stuff works, I can say that much and it’s safe. They have a free trial, you just pay for shipping

  5. Thank you for the feedback, I’m just trying to spread the word because the cold weather is coming soon and bed bugs try to look for warmth. The thing that many people I have talked to don’t understand is that they don’t just burrow in beds but they get on couches, airplanes, restaurants, movie theaters and even your pets! They are very good at getting around and spreading so my aim was to help stop the spread because they are absolutely repulsive…

    Keep the good comments and good vibes coming guys you rock!!

  6. Great article. I use Bedroom Guardian all the time because I buy a lot of second hand furniture. It’s cheap and effective so I figure it’s worth it. I didn’t know they were doing a free trial, thank you for the info!